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Global Announcement

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Issuance of membership certificate
After politeness and respect
Through this statement, for the information of all martial arts trainers in styles
MMA grappling Kickboxing and other modern mixed martial arts stalls
AMA International Association for organizing and improving the technical level of coaches, their communication, and the sharing of world sports science content, all coaches around the world in the men's and women's section are invited to scan all their technical and coaching documents with their personal email address. Forum post
and send it in the subject
(For membership in the International Assembly of AMA Trainers' Committee)
Membership for martial arts trainers in this forum is free and after a while they all become members in a discussion forum on this site and can have a close relationship with each other and after a while one person with the vote of all the members of the trainers' forum, one person as the president. The trainers' committee will be elected and appointed as a trainer's committee for four years along with one person as the secretary of the trainer's committee of AMA Association in a democratic atmosphere.
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